Download Simplify Media For Free Fast!

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If you don’t know Simplify Media is an awesome program allowing you to stream your iTunes Library over the internet to your other devices / friends computer. I’ve been using their service for a long time now and couldn’t be more pleased accessing my music library from anywhere I can pick up some wifi.

For a short time (first 100,000 downloads) Simplify Media is a FREE download through the appstore. Pair this along with their free desktop software and you gain access to all of your music while on the go.

Simplify Media works with your iPhone over edge, wifi, and 3g. Grab it from the app store while you can!

If you don’t have Simplify Media on your computers already head over to their site for a free download.

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Looking for help!

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I’m looking for someone to help out with the site. I need the person to be able to find news on the iPhone. He/she can use the sources we have and/or find some new ones of their own to use for iPhone news. I am also looking for someone with 2.0 Cydia repo constructing and packaging. Also with Installer4.0 repo constructing and packaging. Email me at: if you are interested!

Pwnage 2.0.2 is out with installer 4!

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PwnageTool 2.0.2 is available through the update system of PwnageTool 2.0.1 although many users are reporting that they don’t see the update. To update run PwnageTool, then click on the PwnageTool taskbar and select Check for Updates.

As previously mentioned whats new in this release of PwnageTool is the ability to jailbreak and unlock firmware version 2.0.1 for the 1st generation iPhone, jailbreak 2.0.1 for the 3g iPhone, Cydia updates, and Installer 4.

If you’re lucky and the update is available in your area you can grab the 2.0.1 firmware files here.

PwnageTool’s usage shouldn’t be drastically different from the previous version. Our two pwnage guides should work fine — just make sure to download firmware version 2.0.1 instead of firmware 2.0 which is used in the guides.

1st Gen iPhone Jailbreak/Unlock Guide
3g iPhone Jailbreak Guide

Not sure what version of PwnageTool you have? Make sure to check for updates. If you see the following window you are good to go pwn 2.0.1

thank MMi!

Pigeons Suck at video games.

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Hahah, here is a video of a pigeon attempting to play Tap Tap Revenge on the iPhone. Don’t worry, he sucks. No, he won’t beat your score, calm down. God.. ^_^ The video is iPhone friendly, so watch it!

click here to watch the video!

Netshare iPhone tethering app reappears in the App Store. Update: oh, it’s down again.

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Directly quoted from our source since it was so dam good:

Well, who knows what’s going on here, but Nullriver’s Netshare iPhone tethering app has made a reappearance for download by direct link only in the App Store, after getting unceremoniously yanked last night. It won’t show up in searches, but you can still get it if you know the link — that’s a bit odd. Nullriver told Macrumors that it doesn’t believe the SOCKS proxy violates any of the App Store SDK restrictions, and that while AT&T has tethering restrictions for its 3G network, other carriers around the world don’t, making the app legit in its opinion. Looks like Apple’s agreed — for now. We did a quick hands-on video last night, check it out after the break.
Update: Yeah, it’s offline again. This has really got to be drumming up sales, though. Well done, Nullriver. Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

click here to see video

hahah iPhone arm (for those who need an extra)

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Click here to see the video

This is great for those who need an extra arm to keep another free to do something else. I recommend this for those who like to use their iPhone to look at certain things, and do…. erotic special things at the same time.


iPhone 3G cooks guy leg!(almost literally)

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Well to those who had the previous generation iPhone, you can tell the 3G gets a little warm a little bit, and a bit more often. But it should not get to the point where it hurts, burns, melts…or harms anybody. But in this case, a guy got burned and it did get a little melty. According to him, he: disabled 3G, No push and set screen to lock after a minute. That means the iPhone shouldn’t be active…. But he says he fell asleep, then awoke to a burning sensation (one that didn’t feel good of course). He pulled out his phone which was plasticy-melty hot. …………this definitely shows that the Apple’s iPhone 3G is “hot” more ways that one. =]

here are a few pictures: